BOSAGORA Organization
for Ecosystem

The BOSAGORA organization is made up of an international coalition of diverse experience and capabilities.

BOS Platform Foundation

BPF Korea and Korea Smart Authentication Corp will carry out technology development and operation.

We are focusing our capabilities on implementation of a decentralized, democratic decision-making platform.

The BOS Platform Foundation was established in Zug, Switzerland on April 7, 2017.

The purpose of the foundation is to develop and promote BOA Platform's underlying technical protocols and applications.

For this purpose, the Foundation will carry out the following activities.

  • Appropriate research and development activities and financing support.
  • Education and promotion of BOA platforms, applications and protocols.
  • Contract of partners (businesses, banks, policy authorities, regulators) for ecological benefit.
  • Execution of
    contributed funds.
  • Hosting events and conferences
    and activating BOA platform,
    applied technologies and protocols.
  • Promoting related activities to achieve the goal

Members of the Foundation Council

  • Serge KomaromiFounder
  • Inhwan KimPresident
  • Munsu LeeVice-president

BPF Korea

BPF Korea was established in Korea as a project operator with 100% ownership of the Foundation and conducts technology

development, platform operation and promotion required by the foundation with the following missions:

  • Development and commercialization of consensus algorithm for BOSAGORA decentralization network.
  • Development and commercialization based on Trust Contracts.
  • Development and commercialization of foundation technology for constructing the congress network.
  • Operation of BOSAGORA platform.

Korea Smart Authentication Corp

KoSAC is a tech start up joining the BOSAGORA’s ecosystem since 2018,

and have been independently developing DeFORA system since 2nd half of 2018.

KoSAC has been entrusted with the responsibility of development the decision making process core to the Congress Network.

  • Establishment of Congress Network structure and process.
  • Development of both deliberative and voting processes: Development of voting service including deliberation process.
  • Congress membership management: Development of congress member privacy protection technology using homomorphic encryption.
  • Operation and improvement of congress network: Providing continuous updates reflecting the opinions of users and foundations.

Members of the Korea Smart Authentication Corp

Technical Advisory Board

Technical Advisory Group is consisted of external experts to support and check development process.

Details of composition and operation of the technical advisory group will be transparently disclosed.

Special Consultant

  • Wouter Bothoff Consultant