Welcome to the community for BOSAGORA

The BOSAGORA community operates to create and maintain a healthy ecosystem. Community channels are operated according to its purpose and provide participants opportunities for free discussion. If you want to check out our news and opinions, please join us now!

Community Guidelines

Our principle is that everyone can freely express opinions and share information.

However, violent and malicious activities can have negative effects in the BOSAGORA ecosystem,

so it is recommended that these activities to be regulated and observed by participants.

Participants who violate these regulations may be excluded from the community at the discretion of the

community leader, and the rule is applied to all community areas (online, offline) authenticated by BOSAGORA.

Some community may have additional regulations, and participants are responsible for understanding

and adhering to the them.

Basic Principle

In the community, you can express your opinions in a considerate and respectful manner.

You can share information and opinions for the benefit of the whole community.

Restricted Behavior

  • Words and actions that slander or attack the other party.
  • Words and actions intentionally intimidating the other party.
  • Aggressive language and behavior related to racism, sexism, and religious discrimination.
  • Words and actions that express information and opinions related to sex, drugs, and crime.
  • Disclosure of personal information or information that can infer a specific individual.
  • Intentional stalking or follower activity.

Compliance and Reporting

BOSAGORA has community manager program to maintain a healthy environment for the community. The manager respects the participants in the community and carries out activities to share opinions and information for the development of BOSAGORA ecosystem. The manager will check, review, and respond to reports of restricted behaviors that are against community principles.

If you identify any restricted actions in BOSAGORA community, or if you have been directly or indirectly affected by these actions, please contact support@bosagora.io. We will take necessary steps to keep the confidentiality and to protect the rights of the complainant.

As a result of community management, we can give warnings against the participants who show restricted behaviors, and if necessary, we can take actions to eliminate them from the community. The results of these actions will be publicized in the community to protect the community.

Contact Information


Community Channels

We can open and operate a channel where you can present, disseminate and communicate BOSAGORA news.

Join the conversation now to participate in development of BOSAGORA’s ecosystem.